at Estancia La Julia 1886

2012/3 our

11th Season

My passions are horses and polo.  I love to breed them and I love to play. In Argentina, polo is a country pursuit, not just a rich man’s sport.  So whether you aspire to be a ten goaler or would just like to ‘have a go’ we can accommodate your needs.


I am Alejandro Staudt, welcome to my programme for summer 2012/13 in the southern hemisphere. Or should I say winter for you in the north.  In Argentina the sun will be shining and the weather warm. So forget the cold and the idea of skiing and come an join me in the pursuit of the perfect goal. Whether you want to play, or learn to play polo, like horses and want to ride, or simply enjoy nature and want to relax in our beautiful countryside, we can offer you a wonderful holiday you will remember long after you have left.

Our 2012/3 season starts in October through till April 2013, contact us today click here for the latest details.   

Take a quick tour of the beautiful La Julia 1886 and our polo programme. Mix rural tranquility, fine living and exercise for a perfect holiday break.

I have to confess the soundtrack is provided by myself and a friend playing at one our country music evenings.

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